Know What You Need To Keep

…because you might NOT need it someday


Duration: 2 Hours

Target Audience: Professionals

Method of Delivery: Virtual and In-Person

You may think you are “playing it safe” by retaining thousands of emails and electronic files. You may be the office librarian to whom coworkers come when they need a report from five years ago. But is that really where you want to be spending your time at work?

In this lets-rethink-our-information-hoarding-practices seminar, you will:

  • ZConfront the ramifications of your “play it safe” retention strategies
  • ZUnderstand the lifecycle of information and that everything has a death date
  • ZRecognize the gold nuggets of information that you are accountable for keeping
  • ZExamine the underlying reasons why you are loathe to let things go

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