Business Owner Testimonials

Melissa’s time management presentation was a critical piece of our Annual Offsite Strategic Planning agenda this year. She had us glued to our seats every second with her energy and insight. I highly recommend Melissa and plan to tap her talents again.


Melissa works with our office to help us create more efficiency. She is excellent, knowledgeable, and efficient herself. She shows us specific steps to improve our process, has given us valuable feedback, and it is a pleasure to work with her.

Business Partner

Have utilized Melissa on an ongoing basis to improve my business and how my partners, staff, and I function more efficiently together. She has the unique ability to teach old dogs new tricks and we would not have survived our last office expansion without her!

Business Owner

Melissa is a gifted and perceptive coach. I started working with Melissa about a year ago when I was stressed out and overwhelmed. She helped me sort out the overwhelm by both specific work tactics and serious goal setting. In my case she recognized my tendency to try to do too much and helped me decide what not to do so that I could get more ACTUALLY DONE. Now I am well on my way to achieving goals that were very much in doubt when I started working with Melissa.

Mike Derobio, Owner

First of all Melissa is a great coach. I am a coach and a tough grader in this area. Coaches need coaches but they probably make the most challenging of clients. I could fit into that category. Since I coach the top 1% of CPAs and attorneys nationally, I am opinionated on how the coaching process works, or does not, remotely or otherwise. Melissa and I have met via Skype for almost two years now. Melissa is much more knowledgeable and efficient than I am as a coach in using various remote tools, split screens, and other tricks to make the remote experience seem “up close and personal.” She is a pro at this. This works very well for me, and I will continue coaching with Melissa for a very long time as I am a work in progress. I learn something from her about coaching every time that we meet.

Robin Hensley, Owner/Coach

Melissa Gratias honed in on my needs and provided expert advice and help in my transition to consulting and managing several creative projects on multiple computers. With so many options using technology in our work, I needed her expert guidance. Mission accomplished! I highly recommend her.


Melissa has an unusual ability to cut through the clutter and help her clients do the same. I continue to benefit from her work. She knows how to get a person organized and more productive.


Melissa’s expertise has been very valuable to my business particularly for human resources issues within my small business. Melissa has helped me evaluate my firm’s goals, policies, procedures and results and make changes where necessary.

Business Owner

I recently had the good fortune to participate in a one-on-one electronic organizing session with Melissa Gratias. I was so overwhelmed I felt that I would never be able to accomplish all that I needed to accomplish each week. Melissa explained several different ways that I could use Outlook Tasks to minimize the clutter and find the issues that needed actions. Now when I open my email I know where to go to find my daily actions and I no longer misplace client contacts or lead information. I highly recommend Melissa’s expertise as a tool to help the ever busy small-based business person get it all done!

Small Business Owner

I worked with Melissa Gratias to help me deal with my feeling of constant overwhelm. I was working way too many hours and had a difficult time with distractions. Melissa worked with me to gain clarity of how I wanted my life to be and identified the specific habits that were getting in the way of my desired outcomes. As a result of working with Melissa, I get more done in less time and far less stress and overwhelm. I highly recommend Melissa for people who want to a much higher return on their effort while working in a way that aligns with how they want to live!

Brad Wolff, Owner

Gratias is not just her name but also her attitude! Melissa is gracious in sharing her time, knowledge and expertise. She is a wonderful role model who continually strives for balance in her own life and to encourage others to live in the same manner. I loved co-facilitating a speaking engagement with Melissa as well as having her come in and work with our firm. She is the consummate professional and certainly lives up to expectations of an organizational expert. I believe in her strongly enough that Melissa is already working with several of our clients upon our recommendation!