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Dr. Melissa Gratias is a frequent source for podcasters, writers, and media outlets.


She has appeared on podcasts, radio shows, documentaries, local and national television, and can provide written or verbal quotes for articles.

Her areas of expertise include:  workplace productivity, time management, and life balance.

Contact her via email or phone (no texts) 912-417-2505.

Melissa typically responds to media inquiries on the same business day and, once committed, has never missed a media deadline.

I’ve collaborated with Dr. Gratias on several productivity-related stories, and she’s become one of my favorite expert sources to work with. She asks clarifying questions about the topic ahead of time so that she can come to our conversation already prepared with research, resources, and anecdotes. She really invests the effort to understand the focus and intent of whatever article I’m working on, so that she can share insights and quotes that actually add value to the topic—as opposed to soundbites that I need to wrangle into the article. I couldn’t recommend her more! 

~Kat Boogaard

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Productivity Expert, Dr. Melissa Gratias

Productivity Expert, Dr. Melissa Gratias

Melissa Gratias, Ph.D., is an international speaker, coach, blogger, and author. For more than 20 years, Melissa’s coaching and consulting work has improved productivity for multinational, billion-dollar companies as well as individual solopreneurs. She creates workable systems so people can accomplish their professional goals in less time and with less stress. As a result, thousands of business owners, CEOs, and other overwhelmed professionals have become more focused, effective, and balanced in their lives and work. Melissa’s expertise helps people thrive, and according to her clients, she is knowledgeable, approachable, and “ridiculously fun to work with.” 

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