How to Solve “The Email Problem” without Going off the Grid

The sad fact is that volumes of incoming and outgoing email are growing every year.  Email is definitely not dead yet.

What this means to you is that managing email is going to require even more of your time every day.  How much more can you take?

If you too have felt email overload, GOOD NEWS!  I’d like to introduce you to my eBook Conquer Your Email Today…because there is no tomorrow.

Here’s what you get with Conquer Your Email Today…because there is no tomorrow:

  • Pitfalls to avoid…3 common email behaviors that, while acceptable years ago, are killing your productivity today
  • Obstacles to anticipate…3 challenges that are the difference between sinking and swimming in the flood of email
  • Insights to pursue…3 critical mindsets that will change your relationship with email going forward

Here’s what overcoming your email overload means to your professional and personal life:

  • You will decisively process your email in a few sittings rather than frequently checking it throughout the day and night
  • You will change the culture of email usage within your team, department, and company
  • You will be appropriately responsive to incoming email and not lose action items in your inbox

Now you can curb the growth of email when you get my eBook Conquer Your Email Today…because there is no tomorrow for only $3.99.

P.S. – I’ve put my very best advice in Conquer Your Email Today…because there is no tomorrow.  You will finally become part of the solution, rather than contributing to the problem of email overload.

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Here's what others say about Dr. Melissa’s email management methodology:

I learned from Melissa that managing my email should not be a job and if I continue to be organized, my email will not take control of me, but I will be in control of my email.


Emails have overwhelmed me at times. Now, when I receive an email, I ask myself [Melissa’s] questions and make a choice. My Inbox is nearly empty at any given point during the day.


As a result of your teaching, I am proud to share, today, I achieved "inbox zero" (something that I didn't think was possible!). 

~Geneen R.