How to Handle 100 To-Dos without Going Completely Insane

The surprising truth is that busy professionals can have 100 (or more) active tasks to do at any given moment. Even worse, they are trying to handle it all with the same task management habits they had in college.

Here’s the trouble that you face when your task management habits don’t fit with your demanding work environment:  No to-do list in the world will work for you!  No planner, no app, no spreadsheet will solve your problems if you don’t understand the psychology behind task management.

If you have tried, and failed, to use a task management tool, GOOD NEWS!  I’d like to introduce you to my eBook Corral Your To-Dos…and don’t rely on your brain - at all.

Here’s what you get with Corral Your To-Dos…and don’t rely on your brain - at all:

  • Pitfalls to avoid…3 common behaviors that result in sleepless nights and undone tasks
  • Obstacles to anticipate…3 issues that have probably caused you to abandon your task management systems in the past
  • Insights to pursue…3 unexpected techniques that fuel your long-term success and sense of well-being

Here’s what better task management habits will mean to your professional and personal life:

  • You will prioritize and accomplish your important tasks
  • You will do more than you ever thought possible while actually reducing your stress
  • You will realize that almost any task management tool can work for you

Now you can be a task management master when you get my eBook Corral Your To-Dos…and don’t rely on your brain - at all for only $3.99.

P.S. – I’ve put my very best advice in Corral Your To-Dos…and don’t rely on your brain - at all.  You will finally manage your tasks with focus and determination.

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Here's what others say about Dr. Melissa’s task management methodology:

I struggled with making my to-do list work and keeping track of my action items. Melissa helped me see that [my] system did not work for me and stressed me out.


I definitely feel a renewed sense of energy as I face the tasks on my list, knowing that I have a good system for working through them, [and] I shouldn’t have any surprises.


I do however have one major complaint! I have accomplished so much today, I am at a loss for the rest of the day! Don’t worry about me though, to the untrained eye, I will continue to look busy…