Educational Professionals Testimonials

Working with Melissa was fantastic. She helped me organize and plan a way to effectively get things done in my very busy teaching and dormitory and coaching schedule. Further, she helped me anticipate problems and solve them ahead of time. Most importantly, with this help, I could actually turn work off for a while and enjoy my family all the while knowing I wasn’t forgetting anything. I could not recommend her more highly.

Bart W., Teacher

Melissa is great! She really helped me get organized and gave me the tools to maintain it. She asks a lot of questions to tailor your needs and is very efficient. I was so impressed I hired her to help my assistant as well.

Professor and Department Head

Melissa Gratias, PhD, spoke to our students as part of the E.A. Anderson lecture series. She was organized, knowledgeable and engaging. Our students rated her as one of the best speakers we had invited to the lecture series.

University Vice President

When I started my job, I never had the opportunity to really move into my office. As a result, after three years, my space was embarrassing. My office did not have usable workspace. After Melissa worked with me, my office was organized with large amounts of working space. She helped me develop a system to process incoming written material so that my disorganization would not recur.

Associate Professor

Melissa Gratias’ one on one productivity coaching absolutely changed my life. I went from someone who had never opened a calendar to someone who schedules everything. I went from someone who lived in a constant state of stress to someone who can calmly plan the use of my time wisely. She went though my lifestyle with me step by step and helped me learn strategies to make my life easier! Who doesn’t want to make their life easier? She helped me take my inbox from 10,000+ emails to a goal of an empty inbox every day! She helped me organize things in my life that were causing me stress that I didn’t even realize were triggers! I know that I am a Melissa Gratias success story because the first thing I did during crisis schooling with my 7 and 5 year old’s was Google Calendar! Instantly I knew a huge advantage I had was productivity. I created both children google calendars and scheduled their days with assignments, work time, play time, zoom meetings, and videos from their teachers. Their at-home schooling was instantly sent directly to their fingertips which allowed me to stay productive in my role as an educator during this time as well. The time I spent learning from Melissa drastically shifted my mindset from cringing at the sight of a calendar to sharing Google calendars with entire classes of students and friends to assist in their productivity during COVID 19! Thank you Melissa Gratias!

Monica Medlin, Professional School Counselor

Listening to you yesterday at the conference was like sitting in a church pew and feeling like the minister is talking right to you and no one else. Your presentation was the highlight of the conference for me, and I think I took over 8 pages of notes! You truly are an inspiration, and it was so nice to hear about work-life balance from someone who actually practices it and does not just research it.

Graduate Student, Education

I can’t thank you enough for your help. I am delighted to be amazed and looking forward to putting all these new ideas/skills to work. You couldn’t have found anyone who needed you more! P.S. – My email inbox is zero!

University Department Secretary

I really appreciated your presentation. Most presentations I have attended that pertain to using computers, the presenter goes way too fast, loses everyone, and keeps on going.

Associate Dean

Melissa’s techniques for organization have revolutionized the way I prioritize and process projects and paperwork. Her consultation was invaluable to me, and I highly recommend her.

University Vice President