Executives Testimonials

I had a great coaching experience with Melissa. I was a little concerned at first about having a “virtual coach” since I am such a face to face person. I found out quickly I had nothing to worry about. Melissa was awesome to work with. She provided great ideas and very practical tips during our conversations. She always followed up with notes, action items and “cheat sheets”. I would highly recommend Melissa as a coach to get you organized.

Jennie Hobbs, VP of HR

I had the opportunity to work with Melissa on two engagements. In both, I was immediately impressed by her identifying and reinforcing what would define a successful engagement, how and when communication would take place, and each parties’ responsibilities. Melissa’s ability to quickly analyze a given situation and get to the root of issues makes her highly efficient and effective. She brings a wealth of knowledge and more importantly solutions that are applicable, executable and measurable. It has been a pleasure working with Melissa and I look forward to the next engagement.

Chief Operating Officer

My coaching work with Melissa has been a very productive and valuable experience.  She quickly helped identify my primary needs and then developed a comprehensive plan to address them.  Our meetings involved lots of questions, practical tips and follow up activities to reinforce and apply what we discussed.  I found the virtual meetings tremendously efficient as well…we still had the personal connection without the wasted time of physical travel.  I have truly benefited from my work with Melissa.

Mike Gregory, Sales Executive

I can see my desk again for heaven’s sake!  Melissa is a true professional and manages to turn an individual’s organizational and functional weaknesses into an enjoyable learning opportunity about themselves. She accomplishes this while simultaneously assisting them to get organized and focused on what is truly important to their career and their employer. She possesses a wide ranging wealth of knowledge from Psychology to fantastic time saving Outlook shortcuts. The time I spent working with Melissa has proven itself invaluable.

Operational Executive

Thank you so much for your time and insight.  My mother always said, “Believe half of what you hear and all of what you see.”  Well, I SEE the difference you have made within our management team and across the division.

VP and Division Head

Melissa is an analytical and strategic thinker. Count yourself blessed if she is on your team.

Corporate Director

I had the pleasure of recently working with Melissa, and it was both a rewarding and enjoyable experience. She is remarkable when it comes to enhancing productivity and improving time management, and she does so in a way that works for the individual — rather than a cookie-cutter approach that is intended for any and everybody. Most importantly, she gets results! I would highly recommend Melissa to any individual or organization interested in improving productivity and organizational capabilities.

Corporate VP

The concept of actually blocking off time and having an organizational pro work with Management is absolutely phenomenal!!   First of all, I would have never blocked off time to clean out my files and organize my personal folders. Day to day operations, as well as, “fire management” is always sufficient to fill up a day’s work. Second of all, I would not have had the knowledge to organize my files in the manner that was presented. Melissa did an excellent job of emphasizing the “concepts” behind file management instead of the task associated with it.

Operational Executive

Hollywood comes South, beauty and brains with a killer smile that teaches better methods and processes in time management, planning, overcoming barriers, and being more successful and productive as an individual. A true Jedi of her trade.

Marshall Tuck, Corporate Small Business Officer

Very beneficial .  She had a challenge since I am a pack rat by nature.  Her approach was very straight forward (and actually quite simple) which increases the likelihood of maintaining the process she laid out.

Corporate President

Within a single session of focused effort I was able to painlessly eliminate over 11,000 worthless emails.  I can already see that this is going to be extremely beneficial to my career and my sanity given the never ending torrent of information, requests, and inquiries received on a daily basis.

Operational Executive

Melissa provided our work group with excellent business process and organization advice. The implementation of her advice created a more productive action-oriented work environment. Her ideas led to action, which lead to excellent results.

Manufacturing Executive