Legal Professionals Testimonials

Thank you again for your assistance yesterday, I do however have one major complaint! With your assistance in organizing Outlook, I have accomplished so much today, I am at a loss for the rest of the day! Don’t worry about me though, to the untrained eye, I will continue to look busy… ?


Commissioning Melissa to perform a full review of our firm was the best investment we have made for our staff! Melissa crafted well-organized plan after meeting with the partners to determine our goals. Once she met with each of our staff, she identified our strengths and weaknesses and allowed us to see a true objective picture of our operations. I do not hesitate to recommend Melissa to any organization!

T.J. Hollis, Partner

Melissa Gratias is a high energy, motivated consultant. If you need to get organized, reduce clutter and increase your business professionalism, then you need to hire Melissa. She is excellent in her field. She assisted our large corporation in moving from a paper to electronic environment and provided leadership for creating the professional business office. I would recommend her highly.

Legal Manager

Melissa is an expert in document management/reduction and conversion to electronic documents and is excellent at communicating common sense, understandable solutions.


Based on word of mouth recommendations from other companies Melissa had assisted, hired Melissa to assist with planning for our move, paper reduction efforts, and email grooming. I was very pleased with Melissa’s work, efforts, and results and would recommend her highly.

Managing Shareholder

Melissa came to us to help eliminate the paper overflow that we experience. She never told us what to do, but worked really well in explaining and demonstrating how certain papers don’t add value to your day to day work experience, and really helped us decide to eliminate a massive amount of paper.


I have been very satisfied with Melissa’s work on the two occasions that I hired her, but most significantly the last time when I was taking over as head of my division. Her advice on organizing my work space and work flow have saved me tons of time when that commodity seems to be getting more and more valuable. I have recommended her to many other attorneys.

General Counsel

Melissa was very helpful to offer new ideas to get better organized and handle all the paper that our busy legal practice produces. Helping us use the tools we already had, but didn’t know how to use efficiently was one of the greatest things we learned from her. We moved during our sessions with Melissa, and she was instrumental in getting us where we needed to be. She is very professional and I enjoyed working with her very much.

Legal Assistant

Melissa’s expertise has been very valuable to my business particularly for human resources issues within my small business. Melissa has helped me evaluate my firm’s goals, policies, procedures and results and make changes where necessary.

Attorney/Business Owner