How to Attain Work/Life Balance without Quitting Your Job or Shipping Your Kids Overseas to be Raised by Monks

The sad fact is finding that elusive balance between work and life is not getting any easier.  Most people are on a runaway train of busyness and see life zooming by at 100 miles per hour.

Here’s the trouble that you face when you don’t pay enough attention to how you are spending your precious hours:  other people will determine your priorities for you.  And, that’s dangerous.

If you too have felt your days, weeks, and years slipping by, GOOD NEWS!  I’d like to introduce you to my eBook Love Your Calendar…and be monogamous.

Here’s what you get with Love Your Calendar…and be monogamous:

  • Pitfalls to avoid…2 mistakes that you are making right now that set you up for failure with managing your time
  • Obstacles to anticipate…2 behaviors you commonly practice that will become obstacles to your success unless you are cautious and mindful
  • Insights to pursue…2 unexpected techniques that transform your calendar into the shield with which you will defend your balanced life

Here’s what developing a healthy relationship with your calendar will mean in your work and life:

  • You will have appropriate boundaries that are easily measured and honored
  • You will understand the time-based fallacies under which you have been operating and how to work differently going forward
  • You will recognize that your calendar is the most underutilized tool in your work/life balance toolkit

Now you can take your calendar management techniques to the next level when you get my eBook Love Your Calendar…and be monogamous for only $3.99.

P.S. – I’ve put my very best advice in Love Your Calendar…and be monogamous.  You will finally feel balanced and effective.

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Here's what others say about Dr. Melissa’s calendering methodology:

You truly are an inspiration, and it was so nice to learn about work-life balance from someone who actually practices it and does not just research it.


With this [knowledge], I could actually turn work off for a while and enjoy my family all the while knowing I wasn't forgetting anything.

~Bart W.

Melissa is a wonderful role model who continually strives for balance in her own life and to encourage others to live in the same manner.

~Lisa N.