Managers Testimonials

Melissa delivered a 4-hour productivity workshop to our management team, focused on time management and Outlook productivity tips. She is informative, engaging, funny, and she really, really knows Outlook! Feedback from the 30+ attendees was unanimous and strongly positive, and we are bringing her to our Texas plant to deliver the same workshop there. I am happy to recommend Melissa Gratias for productivity training without reservation.

Tim Schoap, Training Manager

At work, I am using my regularly. My desk remains clutter free. I continue to be aware not to “front load” and am becoming better at estimating time frames. I still am grateful for the peace of mind this organization gives me.

Compliance Manager

The most beneficial/valuable thing that I learned was that all of the paper is not needed, we have just been taught that way. A paradigm shift is needed to enhance our ability to be resourceful instead of relying on the traditional manner of maintaining duplicate paper documents.

Compliance Manager

I hired Melissa to help streamline my email and time management activities. Melissa did an excellent job with both items and I have definitely been more productive. Melissa’s expertise, professionalism and friendly personality made a somewhat daunting task enjoyable. Based on my increased productivity, I hired Melissa to work with my direct reports with their email and time management activities.

I/S Manager

Thanks for the opportunity. Not only has it reduced my paper and made me more organized, it has also enhanced my productivity.

Compliance Manager

Melissa’s deep expertise in organization and email management helped me to become more efficient and productive. I would highly recommend Melissa – she brings a high level of knowledge, professionalism, and energy to each assignment.

Marketing Manager

The information Melissa provided was very helpful. Melissa was able to share ideas and other techniques with me that I would have otherwise never used. I look forward to cleaning and organizing in order to be more effective in my daily job duties.


I thought the experience was very good. I have always struggled with organization personally and it just feels good to have a clean desk and a plan to keep it that way.

Product Manager

Melissa is a high energy consultant who will assist you in maximizing your potential through tested organizing techniques. Her efforts have assisted me with better project organization and time management.

Privacy Manager

Hiring Melissa as a consultant was the most beneficial professional development expense of my career. Her personalized approach to overcoming obstacles in task management and organization in the work place is far superior to any other tool, resource or seminar I have ever invested in. Melissa is personable and enthusiastic, and the result of our time together has been a more organized, productive and efficient work day – every day!

Communications Manager

The remote coaching sessions with Melissa were great! I enjoyed the convenience and the productivity of our virtual meetings. We were able to share screens and interact just like we were meeting in-person. This made scheduling and conducting meetings extremely efficient. I highly recommend Melissa and her virtual coaching sessions!

Justin Kolumber, Account Executive

I think the most beneficial/valuable thing I learned is that I don’t have to keep everything. That if I am not the owner of the document, then I can trash it and if I needed it later I can always ask the owner for it.

Product Manager

The experience was intense and inspiring. I have maintained organization in my office and have taken on areas in my home as well.