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Monica Medlin, Professional School Counselor
Melissa Gratias’ one on one productivity coaching absolutely changed my life. I went from someone who had never opened a calendar to someone who schedules everything. I went from someone who lived in a constant state of stress to someone who can calmly plan the use of my time wisely. She went though my lifestyle with me step by step and helped me learn strategies to make my life easier! Who doesn’t want to make their life easier? She helped me take my inbox from 10,000+ emails to a goal of an empty inbox every day! She helped me organize things in my life that were causing me stress that I didn’t even realize were triggers! I know that I am a Melissa Gratias success story because the first thing I did during crisis schooling with my 7 and 5 year old’s was Google Calendar! Instantly I knew a huge advantage I had was productivity. I created both children google calendars and scheduled their days with assignments, work time, play time, zoom meetings, and videos from their teachers. Their at-home schooling was instantly sent directly to their fingertips which allowed me to stay productive in my role as an educator during this time as well. The time I spent learning from Melissa drastically shifted my mindset from cringing at the sight of a calendar to sharing Google calendars with entire classes of students and friends to assist in their productivity during COVID 19! Thank you Melissa Gratias!