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Robin Hensley, Owner/Coach
Raising the Bar
First of all Melissa is a great coach. I am a coach and a tough grader in this area. Coaches need coaches but they probably make the most challenging of clients. I could fit into that category. Since I coach the top 1% of CPAs and attorneys nationally, I am opinionated on how the coaching process works, or does not, remotely or otherwise. Melissa and I have met via Skype for almost two years now. Melissa is much more knowledgeable and efficient than I am as a coach in using various remote tools, split screens, and other tricks to make the remote experience seem “up close and personal.” She is a pro at this. This works very well for me, and I will continue coaching with Melissa for a very long time as I am a work in progress. I learn something from her about coaching every time that we meet.