10 Helpful Tools that Make your Life More Organized

Guest post by Mary Kleim, professional freelance writer


Nowadays everyone is striving to be more productive, but productivity is all about good organization and efficiency. Because we live in such a fast-paced world, where life flies by with a blink of an eye, we’re always trying to find ways to save time but do more. In essence, we all want to do less, but be more focused. This is why we’ve come up with a list of the ten most helpful tools that will make your life more organized, and maybe you’ll even have more free time on your hands and a mind that’s relieved of pressure.


  1. Trello

If you’re a part of a big team and you’re always looking to make group work more functional, Trello is the perfect tool for you. You’re able to create lists, cards, and boards to work on with your entire group, which makes your working process more quick and fun.


  1. Total Commander

This tool enables you to speed up your everyday common task on your computer. You are able to manage your files much faster than through the regular old Windows Explorer because you’re given the option to operate using only keyboard shortcuts. Copy, paste, remove, rename or delete, whatever needs to be done, in one single window.


  1. Evernote

If taking notes is your thing, and you have a forgetful mind, this is the best app out there for note taking and organizing your tasks. Take pictures, record audio or share notes with your colleagues. It can be synced to all your devices, so no matter where you are you can always take your ideas with you.


  1. Pinterest

You might not have seen this coming, but Pinterest is a great organizational tool for several reasons. It’s the only place where you can get inspired and organize your inspiration in boards at the same time. It’s quick and easy, plus you can share with members from your group so they can pin to the boards with you.


  1. Basecamp

Basecamp is great for managing projects, groups , and your work with clients. You can start the a chat with your colleagues, create calendars and schedule events and meetings, as well as share files and discuss projects. Their to-do lists are very simple and efficient, and can be distributed among team members with scheduled tasks for each individual.


  1. Diigo

Ever wanted to highlight or take some information out of a website, without having to copy and paste it into a document on your computer? Diigo enables you to mark and highlight sections on web pages, add sticky notes and share it with your friends. It’s your basic bookmarking, only taken to a whole other level. It’s also great for creating research bases, using their special Outline feature where you can collect web pages, references, and notes to share with your team and keep the workflow dynamic.


  1. Google Calendar

There’s no Google app or tool that isn’t useful, but this one is just icing on the cake. It can keep your entire life organized so that you never miss any events, tasks or meetings ever again. It has a very simple design, which makes it quite user-friendly, which is especially convenient for the less tech-savvy generations who are trying to stay more organized and time-efficient.


  1. Freckle

Sometimes managing a business can take up most of your time, so you’re not actually left with any time to actually do it. That’s when Freckle steps in. Freckle is an amazing web service that enables you to create and set reasonable budgets and deadlines based on the information you give it about your team and your projects. It’s not only great for businesses, but also for freelancers and individuals who want to get a notification when they are getting off track or missing a deadline. Plus, if you have to invoice your clients, Freckle does it automatically for you, according to the schedule.


  1. Mindnode

If writing and typing out long lists aren’t your thing, and you’re more into visually organizing your ideas and information, then this is the app for you. You start out with a big blank canvas and do the mind mapping after you’ve written out the basic information you have. It enables you to visualize and be more productive by getting new ideas and spotting new connections on your mind map. It’s basically brainstorming partnered up with awesome technology.


  1. Remember the Milk

Busy people have embraced this app as their lifesaver. Finally, end your disorganization by creating to-do lists easily, both for yourself and your team members. Sync it with the above mentioned Google Calendar for tasks that need to be repeated regularly, and you won’t have to think about what’s next on the list today because you’ll always have someone to remind you of it.


The Internet is full of great tools, services, and apps that enable you to organize your life better, especially when it comes to business. This leaves you with more time to think, be creative and spend on doing other tasks. It’s reported that ten minutes of planning saves us an hour each day. So why not let technology give us more time, instead of just taking it?



Headshot_MaryKleimAbout the Author

Mary Kleim is a professional freelance writer. She works from home that’s why she knows about self-management everything. She likes technologies and self-improvement. Today she is sharing her experience all over the Internet. You can find her article examples related to motivation and they can help you to become more effective.  Also, she is always happy to connect with you and answer all your questions via LinkedIn.



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