10 ways great office furniture increases productivity

Guest post by Adam Robertson, Allard Office Furniture.

handwritten_note_deskEveryone wants the best results possible at work, and a good work environment will achieve that. To ensure this happens there are steps you can take. Communicate with your co-workers and bring together ideas for a plan to help you work towards this. In doing so, you can utilise office furniture to improve productivity. Here are Allard Office Furniture’s ten ways you can go about making this happen.


  1. Communication

Communication is key to any workplace. Whether this is to improve team spirit or to improve the passing of ideas is can be made easy by a smart office layout. It is also important to consider everyone’s opinions and needs when it comes down to making decisions when either buying new office furniture and/or re-decorating/re-positioning current office furniture. Having the option of employees can make people feel more worthwhile and part of the company.


  1. Maintain Your Office Furniture

The second thing to consider in conjunction with the end of the first point is to maintain your furniture. Whether it’s making sure to take care of new furniture or keeping an eye on the upkeep of current, maybe older, furniture. It is imperative to take pride in what you have and to see to it so it remains in the best state possible not only for the feel good factor but also for health and safety reasons.


  1. Comfort

Comfort should be a huge deal in the office. Your seat is something that will be in constant use and it is something that needs to be comfortable so you can relax as you delve deep into your work. Chairs should be adjustable to suit different uses and needs of employees. It may seem like such a simple thing but it is these simple things that form together for the greater good of working productivity.


  1. Complement Good Chairs with Good Tables

To complement good chairs you should have good tables to complete your workstations. A table which is of good enough size for you to be able to work from with regards to it’s content such as a monitor, keyboard, paperwork etc. You don’t want to ever have to feel cluttered. You want a nice working area so you can concentrate on the work at hand without distraction.


  1. Lighting is Important

Another thing that may seem like common sense yet shouldn’t be overlooked is the importance of lighting within the workplace. A well-lit room will not only aid employees to be able to literally see what they are doing to the fullest extent, it will also help keep the place feel vibrant, alive, and healthy.


  1. Office Furniture Positioning

When decorating or re decorating the office, the positioning of office furniture is very important. Take into account who works well seated next to who, think about practicality, and take into account health and safety. Having a quick (or long) move around can be very beneficial in making an office seem completely new thus invigorating the working team and keeping the whole place feel refreshed as well.


  1. Break Time Activities

A small table tennis set up could be a great idea to consider also. For use on breaks it is a great way to get people on their feet and keep active as well as building team morale. Through these games in which they can play in teams and have fun and take their minds off work whilst they relax before returning to work rested and ready to complete the tasks at hand to their best of their ability.


  1. Office Kitchen Essentials

Whilst on the topic of breaks, a microwave could be a good addition also. A fridge should be in the office and a microwave gives the option to employees to not only enjoy a hot food option but is a also a quick solution if working against deadlines and time constraints.


  1. Television is a great recreational break time activity

A television is something that will also fit in well. Whilst it may not automatically be linked to productivity, its content will create topics of discussion within the office and team can bond through debating these topics. It is something that employees can relax in front of and depending on the content shown, they can be entertained, educated and informed. Television can help employee minds relax, giving themselves a healthy break away from their desks before returning to work mentally ready, stronger which leads to an increased level of productivity.


  1. Keep your office tidy

My last point is to keep everything tidy, by everything I mean everything. Employees should be responsible for their own work stations and health and safety regulations should always be met. Paperwork should be filed so not only is it neat and tidy but also can be found easily when needed avoiding any possible hold ups, loss, and/or confusion. Cleaning and kitchen duties could be put on a rotation if there are not specific people employees for those jobs. Keeping all of this intact will lead to the smoothness and efficiency of the whole running oath office which in turn will help create better end results with regards to the increase of productivity.


Implement the aforementioned and give yourself the best chance possible to increase productivity significantly in your work office. Breaks and fun things to do were mentioned several times above but don’t let that put you off. Of course the most important thing is the actual work tasks at hand as that is how you all make a living but consider the happiness of the employees and workforce and what it entails to make them happy, keep, them happy and therefore keep them motivated and ready to push on to succeed to be the best they can creating a great team working in a great environment.


Guest post by Adam Robertson, Allard Office Furniture.


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  1. Mario Olson

    Thanks for helping me understand that office furniture can be intelligently utilized for the productivity of organization.This is absolutely a big help

  2. Steele Honda

    I like that you said that comfort is very important when it comes to office furniture because it is where you will be spending a lot of your time. I think it would be smart to look into getting more office furniture if you felt like your employees were squished or if you were planning to hire more people so that you could make sure that everyone was comfortable. That would probably help make sure that everyone could be more productive and that they would want to come to work every day which would be great.

  3. Eli Mcmullen

    It makes sense that your office should have comfortable seating options since employees will spend a large portion of their time sitting in a chair. My uncle would like to open an accounting business and needs to find some comfortable chairs that will help support the posture of his future employees for long periods of time. Maybe it would be best for him to look into buying comfortable office furniture.


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