Manager 2

The information Melissa provided was very helpful. Melissa was able to share ideas and other techniques with me that I would have otherwise never used. I look forward to cleaning and organizing in order to be more effective in my daily job duties.

Compliance Manager 3

The most beneficial/valuable thing that I learned was that all of the paper is not needed, we have just been taught that way. A paradigm shift is needed to enhance our ability to be resourceful instead of relying on the traditional manner of maintaining duplicate...

Marketing Manager

Melissa’s deep expertise in organization and email management helped me to become more efficient and productive. I would highly recommend Melissa – she brings a high level of knowledge, professionalism, and energy to each assignment.


The experience was intense and inspiring. I have maintained organization in my office and have taken on areas in my home as well.

Compliance Manager 2

Thanks for the opportunity. Not only has it reduced my paper and made me more organized, it has also enhanced my productivity.