How to end the work days that never end… VIDEO

In this video, Dr. Melissa Gratias reads an excerpt from her book, Establish Rituals…you deserve 15 minutes of control.

Do you feel like your work day never ends? Listen to Dr. Gratias as she expands on the concept of a Closing Ritual to wind down from work and prepare for tomorrow.



Excerpt from Establish Rituals…you deserve 15 minutes of control.

There was a time when leaving work was signified by removing a punch card with your name on it from a slot on the wall, inserting it into a time clock, hearing a CHING! sound, and replacing the card back on the wall. The logical conclusion of that four-step ritual was that work was over. Today, we have productivity tools, such as smartphones and tablets that give us continual connectivity to work. We never clock out. Perhaps this is part of the reason why Good Technology found that more than 80% of people work an average of seven additional hours per week after leaving the office.


Old school time clocks involved three sensory experiences: the feel of the paper card, the sight of the mechanism on the wall, and the reassuring CHING! sound when the card was successfully time stamped. Your closing ritual can contain similar elements.


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Dr. Melissa GratiasMelissa Gratias (pronounced “Gracious”) used to think that productivity was a result of working long hours. And, she worked a lot of hours. Then, she learned that productivity is a skill set, not a personality trait. Now, Melissa is a productivity expert who coaches and trains other businesspeople to be more focused, balanced, and effective. She is a prolific writer and speaker who travels the world helping people change how they work and improve how they live. Contact her at or 912-417-2505. Sign up to receive her productivity tips via email.


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