The Day After Perfect…

I’m sick.  I don’t often get sick, and I’m sick.  I’m also getting over jet lag and am waking up at ridiculously early morning hours.  The coughing could be causing the wake ups as well.


Don’t feel sorry for me.  I’m just whining.


I prepared perfectly for my 2.5 week European vacation with my family.  We had a killer itinerary and, along with my marketing director, had pre-posted all my blogs and social media stuff so you wouldn’t even know I was gone.


I planned on one day of jet lag and then back to work.  Bronchitis was not in the schedule.


The day I was to write today’s blog was spent in bed shivering with a fever.


I have not missed writing a blog since I started doing weekly posts over two years ago.  So this is the day after perfect.


In his book, Finish, Jon Acuff tells readers that the most dangerous day in goal attainment is the day after perfect.  In other words, as soon as you break a streak, your motivation goes down the toilet.


I’ve broken a streak.  I promised you good content every Tuesday, but today you get this tripe.  (Yes, we were in the U.K.)


Here’s a better blog that’s worth a re-read: What Will Smith taught me about failure


I’ll be back next week.  The day after perfect is not as dangerous when you feel accountable to thousands of people.  Or, even one for that matter.


Thanks for your patience.  I’m going back to my couch and Netflix.


Perfect Target

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  1. Rhonda Reed

    The “which day of the week” to write a blog is a yard-line in an ongoing commitment to keep working with your productivity community. We appreciate what you write, regardless of which day of the week it is received, and whether or not you may have posted it before. Take care of yourself. Lol! Get well!


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