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Guest post by Monifa Robinson Groover, founder of Within Your Reach Consulting Services, LLC

decisionsHow many times have you heard it?  You need to set goals. Yada-Yada-Yada. Believe it or not, however, there is plenty of value in doing so.  Setting goals is about more than writing your thoughts on paper.  It is about being intentional, strategic, and deliberate. It’s about moving with precision and purpose. This is important because it helps us to become more productive and live life with meaning and purpose. Many people may think setting goals is easy. Well, if setting goals were so easy, then most people would not have difficulty reaching their goals or making them a reality.


Why Do People Have Difficulty Reaching Their Goals?


Part of the reason most people have difficulty reaching their goals is because the foundational principles of goal setting have not been met.  One of the main reasons people have difficulty reaching their goals is because they have embraced other people’s goals rather than their own. Ask yourself whether you are setting goals based on other people’s thoughts or if your goals reflect who you are and the things you want to accomplish.


Do your personal goals make you happy?  Do you become excited and motivated when you think about your goals?  If you set goals to please someone else, chances are you will either be miserable during the process and unsatisfied when you reach your goal.  Or, you will fail in your attempt.  Your heart has to be in it.


Here are some tips to achieve your goals


When you are creating your goals, make sure you prioritize them.  Once you prioritize them, make sure you choose the ones that mean the most to you at that moment.  Prioritizing your goals helps you stay on track.  It allows you to determine what is most important so you can set a plan in motion that will help you accomplish them.  You should set a time by which you seriously want to accomplish each goal.  This is one way to begin organizing your thoughts and setting a plan in motion.


You should write your goals down.  I can’t stress this enough!  You may be thinking: Why should I write my goals down? I will remember them. Writing goals down on paper is a proven method to obtain success in reaching the goals because it becomes a physical manifestation of accountability that motivates the creator to not stop until they are achieved.


Writing your goals down:

  • Helps you organize yourself. It’s like a To-Do List. There is something about writing your goals down that increases your chance of executing them.
  • Gives you a reference. You are human.  You are liable to forget small details. So writing down your goals will allow you to go back and review them from time to time to make sure you are on track.
  • Allows you to prioritize your day. In order to be successful in achieving your goals you must begin with the end in mind.  Writing your goals down sets everything in motion.  It helps you clarify your vision.  It also helps you move forward; taking each step with intention.


In order to increase the likelihood of reaching your goals you should share them.  You have to use discretion however and share them with the right people.  Everyone does not have your best interests at heart, therefore, not just anyone should be privy to your personal dreams.


So find the right people and share your goals.  Sharing is important because it helps you remain accountable.  It is easier to make excuses and justify stagnant behavior when no one else knows.  Remember, you cannot do this alone.


Don’t back down on setting those goals!  It may seem like a lot of work but it is worth it.  You must set goals to attain success. You’ve got this!


headshot_monifagrooverMonifa Robinson Groover, MSW, MPA is a well-known, highly sought-after Author, Speaker and Life Coach.  As Founder & CEO of Within Your Reach Consulting Services, LLC her purpose is to educate, inspire, encourage and extend guidance to women in leadership positions, with the hope they will soar above any challenge they encounter. Monifa and her consultants have helped transform the lives of many across the globe. 

Contact her: Email:, Phone: 678-631-9913. Website


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