How to flourish in work and life: Be a HERO

Psychological Capital (PsyCap for short) is a framework that organizational psychologists use to predict important outcomes like job satisfaction, job performance, organizational commitment, and absenteeism.


Many companies have bought into this concept and measure the degree of PsyCap in their workforce. That is a good thing. The desire to improve PsyCap inspires organizations to invest not just in the skills of their employees, but also in their overall well-being.


What is PsyCap?


An extension of the positive psychology movement, Psychological Capital is a mashup of characteristics that indicates whether a person is flourishing – not necessarily from a financial or physical standpoint, but from a psychological one.


PsyCap consists of four elements that combine to produce a thriving person who tends to be satisfied with their job, life, and relationships.


This sounds pretty good to me, so let’s learn more, shall we?


Someone with high PsyCap displays robust levels of HERO: Hope, (Self-)Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism.


Just for fun, I will explain each element of HERO in the form of positive affirmations.


Positive affirmations are simple sentences that are worded as if the circumstance is already true.


So, in the spirit of positive psychology, here are some PsyCap affirmations:



  • I have specific goals for my success that are written down and have deadlines
  • I have identified multiple paths to achieve my goals so that when I encounter obstacles, I can quickly redirect my efforts
  • My goals are not easy, but I have the willpower to succeed
  • I am committed to this goal and have a burning, internal need to achieve it



  • I can accomplish an unfamiliar task because I’ve succeeded with similar tasks in the past
  • I have seen people like me succeed at this task, and I know that I can succeed as well
  • I trust my boss, coach, and other supporters who have assured me that I can accomplish this task
  • My nerves and anxiety are fuel for action and will improve my performance



  • I will face the reality of this situation and can endure it for as long as it lasts
  • I will seek and find deeper meaning in my suffering
  • I will improvise, adapt, and learn from this hardship
  • I have experienced adversity before and will overcome it this time, too



  • Right now, my life contains moments of excitement and joy
  • I manifest positive outcomes in my work and life
  • Negative events are temporary and situational
  • My future is widespread opportunity and happiness



If PsyCap has piqued your interest, I recommend reading this article. It includes a couple of great videos to help explain Hope Theory and self-efficacy.


Productivity is not just about the tactical approaches you use to manage your time and tasks. Developing HERO skills brings a competitive advantage to a company while helping you improve your overall well-being.


PsyCap is a powerful driver of success.


Be a HERO.


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  1. Linda Samuels

    I never heard about the specific PsyCap method for determining whether people are flourishing at work. But it made me think about Richard Davidson, founder of the Center for Healthy Minds, who created meditations to cultivate qualities like resilience and outlook. Some of these connect with the HOPE model. It’s useful to know what it takes to help us flourish at work or in life. But it’s also inspiring to understand that those qualities can develop and aren’t stagnant.

  2. Julie Bestry

    I read a lot about positive psychology, but wasn’t familiar with PsyCap. The HERO model seems like an excellent framework to help one flourish. Thanks for being a HERO, Melissa!

  3. Diane Quintana

    Very interesting article, Melissa. I liked reading the affirmations. They are good to keep in mind.


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